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Responses to Manuscript Critiques

"I’ve had the wonderful opportunity and privilege of having Connie Heckert as my teacher for an ICL course. Her positive and honest feedback helped me learn
the craft and mechanics of writing. As a result of her feedback, one of my stories was published in a major children’s magazine. 
Her line edits, manuscript comments and concrete suggestions helped me polish my stories for submission to editors and agents. As a mentor, Connie has taught me about the business of publishing, recommended mentor texts in children’s literature and has been a champion for my writing and trying to publish children’s books.  She encouraged me to take the next step in my writing journey—attend SCBWI conferences where I can network with other writers and get editorial feedback.  She has treated me as a colleague and as a professional writer."
--Mark C.


"Connie Heckert has revised numerous of my works including scholarship essays, research papers, and cover letters. She has produced constructive criticism that not only corrected errors in my writing, but also informed me why there was an error and how to correctly articulate my work in the future. The criticisms are offered in an efficient manner that further proves her credibility through her organized and in depth analysis of the works brought forward to her.

She is readily available through multiple mediums and has served as a helpful and reliable resource.
--Samantha H.


 "I've had the pleasure of receiving written feedback from Connie for several years, first as a student of The Institute of Children's Literature, and more recently, as a writer working through revisions. She sees angles and possibilities for my writing I never would've discovered myself.  If you are looking for someone who will offer helpful advice that takes your writing to the next level, I highly recommend Connie for a professional and personalized critique."
--Kevin B.



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